What we, the Modesto Residents, love about our program

Call Schedule
Varies by rotation. Residents complete a small number of 24hour calls during PGY2 and PGY3 on OB rotation, and third year night float Sundays. Second year residents work Night shifts (Weekday or Weekend Night Float) to cover medicine and pediatrics 7 nights of the week. These residents work closely with a third year night resident who acts as consultant and "back-up" at all times. After covering night duty, we leave the hospital by 8:30am.
Behavioral Science Seminars
At least once or twice a month, we will meet as individual classes to discuss how residency is going. This time is built into all of our schedules, where we meet in private sessions that allow us to share our experiences in residency, vent, and overall provide support for each other.
Family Medicine Clinic
Our family medicine clinic features an electronic medical record and patient care teams. We each have our own medical assistant during clinic. We treat an underserved, multi-ethnic population including approximately 30-50% Spanish-speaking (depending on the resident's own Spanish fluency). We can learn group prenatal care on an elective basis. There is no assigned clinic after overnight duty. Patients per half day as a 1st year: 5-6, 2nd year: 7-8, 3rd year: 9-10.
Our Hospital
Behavioral Science SeminarDoctors Medical Center of Modesto – great supportive social services, discharge planning, pristine modern facilities to give our underserved patients the best care in a private hospital setting. Our hospital is a Level II Trauma Center, and has received distinction in the care of Chest Pain and Stroke. Free parking in doctors' lot, and private call rooms.
We have great interactions with our Attendings, many of whom graduated from our program in the past. We have a weekly half-day of lecture session where we all come together for learning. Each Wednesday morning at 7am we conduct Grand Rounds, a case-based didactic session led by medicine residents, alternating with OB Grand Rounds, and Cardiology Grand Rounds, an interactive seminar led by one of our community cardiologists,
Single-Residency Training
VCME’s other residency, orthopedic surgery, has no overlap with family medicine in the hospital or clinics. Family medicine is the primary residency in most areas of the hospital, including labor and delivery, surgery, medicine, and ICU. ACLS, NRP, ALSO, PALS courses are provided by the program.
Residents will have meal plan while on duty at Doctors Medical Center. Breakfast and lunch are provided in the Physician Lounge Monday thru Friday free of charge.
Most first year residents perform 30-40 deliveries in their first month of OB, via 12-hour day or night shifts on labor and delivery. Residents who choose to concentrate elective time toward OB typically achieve well over 100 deliveries over three years. We do High Risk Obstetrics with obstetricians, and Low Risk with Family Medicine Attendings. We assist on Cesarean sections. We have beautiful labor and delivery suites.
Learning any procedure is open to any of us (especially if we hang out in the E.R. a lot), however, we all do Circs, Radial Art Lines, Central Lines, Intubations, Colposcopy, Vasectomy, Bilateral Tubal Ligations, Joint Injections, Paracentesis, Thoracentesis, LP's, Skin Biopsies, Toenail Removals, etc., based on interest and necessity.
The Residents
We are a big family, we get together at least once a week to hang out. Average age: 29, 2/3 married, 1/3 single.
$1000 move in grant. Education stipend of $1,300 per year. Medical License is paid for. We have 9 paid holidays per year, if you happen to be on call that day, you enjoy a day off at another time. 2 personal days per year. 6 weeks elective away with International rotations encouraged. 4 weeks vacation per year.